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Why do some Pages appear multiple times in a leaderboard?

Many brands have created region-specific Facebook Pages rather than having a single global Page. Brands that are popular internationally can have multiple region-specific Pages on a leaderboard that appear as duplicates. Additionally, if a brand consolidates region-specific Pages into a single global page, that brand may jump to the top of a leaderboard, even though it did not actually grow in Likes or PTAT.

How can I see a Facebook Page's history beyond 30 days?

We're glad you asked! Access to historical data is available within PageData Pro

My Facebook Page isn't included in your database. Can I add it?

Sure! We do our best to get almost every Facebook Page, but if you find one that we don't have, you can submit it here.

How often do you update your data?

Our data is updated on a daily basis.

Why do Pages sometimes gain a huge number of likes in a single day?

In general, massive single-day gains of likes occur when Facebook Pages are merged together, at the request of the Page Owner. Examples of this include a community page being merged with a company's official Facebook Page, or regional Facebook Pages being consolidated into a single page. Pages can also experience rapid growth due to large-scale advertising campaigns.

Why is there no data point for a given date?

While quite rare, gaps of a few days can occur, either because Facebook did not return data for a particular Page on that date, the Page was deactivated for a period of time, or a intermittent glitch on our end. Generally, gaps are quite temporary, last less than one week, and occurred at least 2-3 years ago, soon after the introduction of Pages to Facebook. If you have further questions about a particular page, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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